Traversing the Great Divide

Traversing the great divides in society and the economy requires skillfully riding on the backs of these conflicts and differences in interpretations, rather than seeking to resolve them through optimization, convergence and sameness. This website is dedicated to exposing false economic trade-offs and highlighting innovative solutions that celebrate diversity by reframing trade-offs as opportunities.

The Great Divide Trail traverses 1200 km of the Canadian Rockies, extending the length of the border between the province of British Columbia and the province of Alberta. The trail was first proposed in 1965 by a group of outdoors enthusiasts, yet to date it remains a patchwork of unmarked trail systems funded by regional governments and private donations, and its use remains contested by competing interests among industry and motorized recreational vehicle users. But the trail’s existence depends on these conflicting interests, as it is joined together by logging roads, ATV trails, seismic lines and railway beds. For those willing to embrace uncertainty, the trail provides a navigable path through one of the largest continental divides in the world.

*I have yet to traverse the GDT.  These photos on this site are my own, taken in Mount Robson Provincial Park, Jasper and surrounding areas.